Hello everyone + those who either won’t see this or won’t care! :D This is argylesockks! I’m revamping my entire blog after about almost 16 months?!  Thanks to the 166 people who’ve still followed me after all this time! Hahah, I love your dedication :D Unfortunately, this won’t be a kpop blog anymore, I’ve sort’ve drifted away from that, so I completely respect that you guys want to unfollow me, I’m trying to start anew despite the other blog I already have. 

Instead, I’ve changed my blog’s url (as you can see! now it’s jolieetoiles! it means pretty stars in french lol idk) and I’m making this a multi-fandom blog  with everything and I guess I’ll post kpop every once in a while. Hopefully this blog will be where I can let my creativity SHINEEEE~ (yeah I don’t have any) But yeah, I’m coming back, maybe soon.

This blog’s going under a complete change and I’m still working out the theme and pages and I almost forgot how fun this whole theme hunting thing was! I’m getting off topic lol but anyway! I’m coming back soon and maybe some of us can talk and get to know each other this time!

Until then,

Vi x

I’m leaving guys.

I know it was only a few days ago that I said I was coming back but I haven’t been back at all. Honestly, I’ve completely lost interest in kpop and I’ve been more adamant about Harry Potter, Doctor Who, The Hunger Games, American Horror Story, etc. When I came back a few days ago, I knew that I wasn’t going to put my all into this. I was thinking of deleting this blog but that would put 20,000+ posts and 226 followers to waste. I suggested for my sister to take over but she’s only eleven and she doesn’t want to join in yet. Thank you all for being so amazing and great and even though I didn’t have many (or any for that matter) friends here during my one year, I’ve enjoyed being here and I love you all so much.

Maybe one day, I’ll come back. I don’t know, but for now, I’m going. So this is a farewell. Thank you all so much for a great year and I love you all ♥


Favorite Top 10 SHINee Moments: The “Name Card Game”

Key for “Catch Me If You Can”